Eye of Gold Slots

Eye of Gold is a slot game, with 25 payout lines and 6 reels. Immerse yourself in the world of Egypt as you spin the reels adorned with symbols like queens, princesses, cats, birds orchids and the sacred ankh cross. Eye of Gold offers an experience that will captivate you.

Placing bets on Eye of Gold is straightforward.

You can start with a bet of $0.01 and go all the way up to $60. One fantastic feature is the inclusion of mystery wilds and regular wilds as symbols. These special symbols allow you to create winning combinations by substituting for icons on the paylines. It gets more exciting when these wild symbols line up with paylines.

Keep an eye out for gateway icons during your gameplay because they can lead you to wins. In slot machines landing three or more scatter symbols triggers a thrilling bonus round game.

Eye of Gold is designed with visuals and captivating Egyptian themed graphics that will transport you to a world filled with buried treasures. The 6 x 4 reels sparkle with symbols depicting Cleopatra, Bastet (the cat goddess) Horus (the falcon headed god) as classic Egyptian artifacts, like the Ankh symbol and lotus flower. Each symbol holds its value in this dazzling interpretation of Ancient Egypts allure.

The scene unfolds in a scorching desert backdrop, where the silhouette of palm trees and pyramids can be seen against a sunset lit sky. The vibrant crimson color scheme adds to the excitement instantly making the slot game enjoyable.

The theme and design elements are captivating. Elaborate pillars decorate the sides of the reels and a set of stone steps leads to a throne room. The symbols, on the reels are strikingly designed, with the Cleopatra style symbol being particularly stunning. Its intricate design resembles a painting than a standard slot machine tile. However it's the music that truly steals the show. It creates a atmosphere with its rhythmic rise and fall captivating players as they navigate through the game. The subtle incorporation of pipes and strings gives it an flavor enhancing the magical ambience of this enchanting setting.

What sets Eye of Gold apart are its two brilliant bonus features. One is centered around a mystery symbol that depicts the powerful eye of Horus. This symbol holds great significance throughout gameplay. Not does it have the ability to transform surrounding symbols into wilds. It can also award up to 10 free spins when combined with the temple scatter symbol. With 25 payout lines available there's plenty of potential, for wins.

These values are fixed so you won't be able to increase them. However a generous amount of 25 should be sufficient. Not pose a problem.

Mystery Wilds

In Eye of Gold the reels are adorned with the treasures of Ancient Egypt.. There's more hidden, beneath the surface in the form of two bonus features. Playing Eye of Gold is a way to potentially win credits. To achieve this aim for a slot bonus feature win. If you enjoy winning amounts of money then the Mystery Wild Feature is perfect for you! When you have one scatter symbol landing on reel one combined with one or more mystery symbols on reels 2 to 6 it triggers the bonus round. This Free Spins feature offers rewards. As with casino bonus rounds Eye of Gold offers an opportunity to achieve a victory that may distract you from regular gameplay.

If you frequently play slots chances are you've come across your share of Egyptian themed games! However don't be discouraged because Eye of Gold adds a twist to the setup, with its stunning backdrop captivating music and exciting bonus features.

Eye of Gold is truly an exhilarating slot game because it offers 10 spins that can be won at any moment. The anticipation of triggering those rounds adds to the excitement. To make things more thrilling there are mystery wilds that spice up every spin ensuring that each one holds a promise of something.