Security Policy

Introduction1. Our full online gaming system is managed to highly professional standard to deliver a fully secure service for customers. All systems and back office operations are dealt with by Topia Solutions N.V., of 7 Abraham de Veerstraat, Willemstad, Curacao. All financial transactions are operated by Whitesmoke services Limited of Apostolou Varnava 7, Larnaca, Cyprus Both organisations provide a high level of security on three fronts including:
  • Financial Security
  • IT Security
  • Legal Security
2. Topia Solutions N.V will always maintain full confidentiality over information held on account holders. Information will only be handed over to another party if Topia Solutions N.V is ordered to do so by Governing Authorities or if a player is found to be breaching Topia Solutions N.V.’s rules. 3. Upon registration, players are given a personal account holder and then chooses a username and password. It is the player’s responsibility to keep this information safe. If a player has any reason to believe that this information has been compromised, then they should contact the customer service department immediately to be issued with a new password. 4. Telephone conversations with Topia Solutions N.V employees may be recorded and internet communications with the support team are logged. Financial Security5. All payment, transfer and withdrawal capabilities are provided by Whitesmoke services Limited 6. On occasion, legitimate credit card deposits may be partially or fully declined. This is due to systems operated by your credit card company or bank in relation to their own security measures. Topia Solutions N.V and Whitesmoke services Limited are unable to influence these systems and cannot establish the reason for decline. 7. Upon registration, the required form is secured using SSL encryption. This means that all personal details are protected when they are sent to us online. When players choose their password, it is stored using a non-reversible hash key. This keeps player’s passwords secure and prevents the possibility of them being compromised. Strong passwords are compulsory to ensure the highest security possible. 8. Authenticity checks are carried out to ensure the player’s validity before the account is activated. Once completed, the player then receives a confirmation email with details required to login however passwords will never be communicated via email. 9. Topia Solutions N.V may request documentation to verify a player’s identity and may require authorisation to use any specific credit card for deposits and/or withdrawals. Topia Solutions N.V may also require additional details from the account holder. Transactions are bound by and fall under strict anti-money laundering laws and regulations. 10. Complete privacy is provided to players concerning banking transactions between the account holder’s bank and the banking institute offering its services to Topia Solutions N.V. 11. Topia Solutions N.V guarantees that the account holder’s credit card number is only ever disclosed to the financial institution dealing with the transaction. Only in exceptional cases where a court of law or administrative authorities have requested such information will a credit card number be disclosed. IT Security12. By using a highly sophisticated random number generator, numbers and cards are drawn at random. This means that the results of games cannot be predicted or forecast by Topia Solutions N.V or players. All games are entirely left to chance. 13. All games are designed with entertainment in mind. Precautions are taken by Topia Solutions N.V to avoid encouraging large wagers in attempts to win large payouts due to the risk exposed to players. 14. All aspects of the Topia Solutions N.V system is regularly tested and is subject to extensive monitoring. Legal Security 15. Topia Solutions N.V is required to comply with all relevant legal restrictions which are in place to protect the account holder. The authority only issues the licence after ensuring that the following is in place:
  • Proper use of interactive games
  • Player protection
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Public needs
16. The Authority is tasked with revoking any licence where the operator does not comply with the above requirements. This means that it is in the interests of both Topia Solutions N.V and the account holder for these requirements to be adhered to. The account holder is guaranteed that these requirements will always be upheld. 17. To keep security at as high a level as possible, Topia Solutions N.V reserves the right to conduct a security review at any given time. This may involve some or all of the following checks. Validation of the account holder’s identity, age and other information provided upon registration. Checking of financial transactions made by the account holder for breach of applicable law and breached of Topia Solutions N.V’s terms. 18. In accordance with the above information, the player authorises Topia Solutions N.V to disclose information to a third party who in turn may carry out said checks. This may involve ordering a credit report to verify details against a third-party database. The player also agrees to disclose necessary documentation to assist with any security review that is requested.